World of Tanks 1.4 brings wheeled vehicles to the game, starts a new World War

You decide which tank line I’ll play later today – click the link, select your choice and don’t forget to submit your vote at the bottom! IV, VK B, Sheridan and Progetto M35 mod 46 – live now! Last season of ranked was the best yet. Removing OP reward tanks meant more variety and fairer competition on the battlefield. VI Tiger, D. Polish mediums just arrived in Update 1. Update 1. Let’s test them out!

Concerning the 105 leFH18B2 matchmaking

For a short time only, there are four rarities in the pool, one of which can be your Summer Dream vehicle. You can vote for the following vehicles to be your Summer Dream:. Current votes

wot_lefh18b2, leFH18B2 the famous Tier V French artillery. When it comes on sale, it can literally break the matchmaker. Last Price.

It is the first historically-themed special offer we have had for quite a while, and with it there is a wide variety of British, German, and American tanks involved in the offer. Soviet and Chinese tanks are not included, and the only French offerings are two premiums that, in reality, were German adaptations of captured French armour. Historically themed offers do not allow so much flexibility for Wargaming, which might be why we have seen less of them of late.

The offer runs the normal Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. The tanks fall into three groups. Some great tanks involved in this part of the offer. I half-expect this to be the last hurrah of the current mm HEAT shells. For this this will be an opportunity to acquire the Panther, and earn some credits on the Tiger.

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This World of Tanks LeFH18B2 guide breaks down the tank into pros, The tier 5 French premium SPG LeFH18B2 was reworked when the premium rounds, camoflauge and matchmaking(mainly tied to SPGs).

You are viewing a news item in the old website format. There may be display issues in some browser versions. WG is turning sweet 16 this month! Look out for LOTS of premium bundles – big and small, in this special. Some rare tanks are making an appearance too! From August, enjoy a good dose of discounts on Premium Time and a wide selection of Premium Vehicles. Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range. Take the FCM 50t if you’re looking for a French tank that can aid your transition from medium to heavy tanks.

On the plus side, it has a decent gun that penetrates mm of armour.

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During this time period it was also removed from the in-game store and is no longer being sold aside from special events or in the gift shop at times. While the LeFH18B2 did get bumped up a tier it is still an enjoyable artillery to play, granted it does have a few slight downsides like most premium tanks.

The credit earning potential is not high considering it is a tier 5 premium tank, but it does make slightly more than a standard artillery at that tier. This guide will break down the LeFH18B2 into firepower, mobility, armor, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use. With a base rate of fire of 6. The aim time at 5.

So with the sales coming up on prem tanks i was interested in the leFH18B2 it seems quit good! anyone got some experience with this arty piece? .

Fun little game I had in the M7, a rather underrated little medium tank that plays alot like a light tank, just with better matchmaking. And Jingles, if you actually watch this, I believe this tank to be cuter than the Luchs! Login or create account. Upload replay. Find replay. Find in my replays. WG League.

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Jump to content. The tier 5 French premium SPG LeFH18B2 was previously at tier 4 before the artillery change and afterwards greatly benefited from the move up a tier. While it is not in-game being sold on a regular basis on most servers it can be found from time to time during special promotions. The leFH18B2 has a high rate of fire, great accuracy, and overall aside from the damage per shot is a well rounded SPG.

Feb leFH18B2 was a German mm howitzer self-propelled artillery unit based on a chassis of French B-1 bis tank.

No matter how exciting might seem having wheeled vehicles in a vehicular combat game like this one, the changes to the French tech tree that come with World of Tanks 1. The new vehicles bring something special to the game and promise to speed up things a bit in many battles. Obviously, they might be nerfed in the future as it happened with many tanks often used by experienced players who exploited their strengths and made them seem overpowered, but this is something that remains to be seen.

World of Tanks is expected to feature changes to the matchmaking and Premium ammo soon, maybe even in the next update. Until then, it is certain that many players will be busy trying to get the best out of the new referral program. As usual, feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Is World of Tanks 1. World of Tanks Europe. Best Displays , for University Students.

World of Tanks 1. Gaming Software Windows Apple. French tree in World of Tanks 1. Related Articles.

Vote for a Rare Premium Tank (EU)

Our article section provides amazing material written by some of the best players of the game. Shop online! Billabong Official store. China’s tank development consisted of three phases. Can anyone tell me whats going on seeing as wargaming isnt responding to.

France. Type. Artillery. Tier. V. Home; ›; Tankopedia; ›; France. leFH18B2 Matchmaking. Up to Tier. VII mm leFH18 L rate of fire. rounds/min.

By MotorizedPatriot , June 3, in France. So there have been plans and rumors to remove the tier 4 LeFH18B2 in 8. Overall a nerf, but it may become rare. Or possibly only temporarily removed? Who knows, but it’s removed from the test, and is planned to be removed from live server on 8. Is there an official source or not so official like the more reliable blogs regarding it’s removal in 8.

Or is that an assumption based on it just being removed from test, since such an assumption could be erroneous?

01 – 08 August: [Premium Shop] Wargaming’s Anniversary Extravaganza

Do you feel the need to enlarge your tank collection? Irony apart, World of Tanks EU is doing a vote that will allow players to pick one out of four rare tanks, making it available to buy this very weekend…. You can select one of the following tanks:.

POLL TANKS: leFH18B2, Conqueror Gun Carriage, M6A2E1, IS-4, M3 Lee, Eddie Ford I was hoping for a reward for good matchmaking if there is such a J, Super Conqueror, Maus, AMX 50b, Panhard EBR , M48A1 Patton.

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 9. The leFH18B2 is a French tier 5 premium self-propelled gun. Heavy B1 tanks captured by the German army during the French Campaign underwent modification and were actively used by the Wehrmacht. Some vehicles were converted into SPGs, designated It is the first premium self-propelled gun to be added into the game. It makes a valuable addition to firepower on public matches but still loses against opponents like the Grille for its unmatched accuracy and damage.

Many players will feel right at home using this equipment as it can be very forgiving. Its relatively thick armour is able to bounce shots from low tier guns, giving it a better defense against light tanks. The leFH18B2 also weighs in at almost 33 tons, allowing it to destroy light tanks that attempt to ram it. This tank has kept the damage and penetration from before version 9. The low splash radius and time to land can be frustrating for players and necessitates that you fully aim shots.

This tank was removed from the in-game store in the 8. It will be given as special awards during specials and events, as well as sometimes appearing as a special offer in the premium shop, but generally only as a freebie for a package with the highest gold offers. The leFH18B2 has gun elevation and depression which enables it to fire behind some rocks and small buildings and will greatly help in self defense when needed.

World of Tanks 105 leFH18B2 – 6 Kills 3,1K Damage